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Dear Friends,

I am looking for a branch of my family that left Dorohoi ( Romania) at the
beginning of the last Century and settled in Montreal and New York.

My name is Israel Ben-Ishai I was born in Dorohoi in 1949, my name then was
Strulica BEINIS, and immigrated with my family to Israel in 1958. I left
Israel in 1972 and have been in Canada since 1979.

My Grandfather Mahl Leib BEINIS followed his brother to Montreal in 1912 and
lived there for four years. In 1916, when his wife refused to follow,
returned to Dorohoi. He had five more children and died in Transnistria
during the war.

I am not sure if Avram BEINIS >from Montreal had any children but I know that
Malca BEINIS ( her maiden name) had four daughters.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Israel Ben-Ishai

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