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I'm trying to locate and determine the accurate name of the town/village
my mother was born. It was in Bessarabia. She was only 2 years old
when, in 1910-11, her mother (my grandmother) and she came to America.
My mother was told that the name of the town where she was born was
"Otek Malek" (sp?).

My grandmother's maiden name was Kleinman. Her first name was Rebecca or
Rivka. She was divorced. Her husband, my mother's father, whom my
mother never knew, was named Goldenberg. After the divorce, my
grandmother l(Rebecca) left her parents and came with her baby (my
mother) to America and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, where she remarried.

My grandmother's parents (Yitzhak and Sheindal Kleinman) remained in
Bessarabia. My grandmother corresponded with them and sent what little
money she could--they were very poor and very religious-- until WW II,
after which she never heard >from them; presumably they were killed by the

I'd appreciate any info concerning this town/village, the accurate name
and location, what records might be available to try to trace the
Kleinman's and the Goldenbergs.

Thank you.

Sheldon Portman
Las Vegas, NV 89134

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