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Annie, The WritingTeacher <writingteacher7@...>

Does anyone know the maiden name of Fredia (Frida)HERKOWITZ, mother of
Pauline HERKOWITZ, born in the 1860s in Bessarabia? She lived in Argentina
for several years. Pauline HERKOWITZ, her daughter, was born in Bessarabia
in the 1880s, moved to Argentina, then to the US at age seven, was married
first to Herman TUCKER in the US, then Barney LEVINE. She had three children
from first marriage and two >from second. Her daughter, Sally TUCKER-LEVINE,
born in Albany, NY in 1904 married Barney LEVINE's youngest brother,
Michael, in 1926. Sally had two children. No written records were kept of
anyone as the births were at home. Anyone related to any of these people?
Anyone know the Argentine branch of this HERKOWITZ family or Jose HERKOVITS
of Plata Del Mar, Argentina? They were in the pharmacy businesses. Pauline
had a brother, Sam HERKOWITZ who owned bowling alleys in Albany, NY. Thanks
for any information. I'm trying to find out whether any relatives of the
HERKOWITZ family of Bessarabia still live in Argentina directly related to
Pauline or Fredia HERKOWITZ or any of her relatives.

I had mtDNA tested and it is closest to modern Greeks >from Crete. Any
information is welcome. The Romanian family was Jewish. Anyone know where
Ashkenazi Jews came >from before they came to Romania? Was it only Poland and
Ukraine in the 18th century or Spain in the 15th century? Anywhere else?

Anne Theodakis Hart

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