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My grandmother was born in Bivolari - near Iasi - in 1905. When she passed
away, my family found several documents in Romanian in her
possessions. Two years ago, I had the documents translated by the Ohio
State University professor of Romanian - Rodica Botoman. She was lovely
and very helpful, and verbally translated the document for me on the
spot. The documents were two birth certificates (1890 and 1905), an army
medical exemption (1889), and my great-grandparents dowry agreement
(1889). These papers were badly folded and taped, and I have since had
them professionally restored.

I've put these documents on-line to share with my family, with Professor
Botoman's translations (as I interpreted her). I thought I would share
them with the RomSig list as well: (under Goldner)

If you are curious to see the documents, you are welcome to come to my
website. If you could give me any historical context or better
translations for them, I would be interested in hearing anything at all
about them.

Thank you
Shawn Weil
Columbus, OH

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TELLES, TELEFUS, and FISHERMAN >from Khotin, Ukraine; Israel
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