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Yehuda L Frischman <rebyidel@...>

I again want to thank the many of you who have helped me unravel the
mystery of our Yichus, in Europe, Scranton, and Israel. B"H I have
clearly tracked my paternal great-grandparents back to Europe: My
father's father's family FRISCHMAN to Beregszasz, now in the Ukraine,
and just a few miles >from Munkacz, and my father's mother's family
SCHWARTZ to Michalovce/Revisce, just across the border in Slovakia, and
also just 20 or so miles >from Munkacz. It also turns out that my
father's grandfather's mother's maiden name was SHMULEWITZ, and so either
the Scranton name change I mentioned in an earlier email was from
SCHWARTZ to SHMULEWITZ and not visa-versa as I previously reported, or
the Shmulewitz's were cousins and not brothers of my ggf Josef SCHWARTZ.
There are still many other unanswered questions, particularly on the
FRISCHMAN side, so any additional help is sincerely appreciated.

Yehuda Frischman
Los Angeles

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