Gesher Galicia: The All Galicia Database adds 18 new record sets #austria-czech

Pamela Weisberger

Gesher Galicia announces the following 18 new databases added this
spring to the All Galicia Database at:

Note that many of these cover 20th century vital records up to 1942,
an important addition to Holocaust-era research:

Bukaczowce Jewish Birth Records (1840-1865)
Horodenka Jewish Birth Records (1851-1867),
Jezierna Jewish Birth Records (1893-1898 and 1922-1942)
Kanczuga Homeowners List (1849)
Kozielniki Jewish Birth Records (1859)
Kozielniki Jewish Death Records (1877, 1895, 1897)
Kozielniki Jewish Marriage Records (1892)
Monasterzyska Jewish Birth Records (1939-1942)
Monasterzyska Jewish Death Records (1941-1942)
Nienadowa Property Owners (1852)
Probuzna Jewish Death Records (1817-1876)
Rohatyn Jewish Birth Index (1886-1890)
Rohatyn Jewish Marriage Index (Grooms Only) (1935-1937)
Rudki Jewish Death Index (1877-1940)
Sanok Jewish Birth Index (1869-1889)
Ska=C5=82a Podolska Jewish Birth Index (1872-1876)
Ska=C5=82a Podolska List of Electors (1867)

We also added major updates to these existing databases:

Jagielnica Jewish Birth Records (1817-1859)
Jagielnica Birth Index (1896) (the 1817-1859 births are new)
Rudki Jewish Death Index (1877-1940) (the 1877-1909 deaths are new)

For more Galician resources, check out home page: http://www.geshergalicia=

We expect another database update in a month or two...

Pamela Weisberger
President & Research Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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