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Dear friends,

Trips to Romania are frought with a certain feeling of disappointment since
it is hard to find traces of Jewish History.The synagogue in Bacau is
beautiful and there are two cemetaries.The older one is not kept at all
but has some beautiful stone carving and it is possible to read the stones
nearer the house where the keepers live. The other is in good condition.
The area that was mainly Jewish is now a park and there is no marker.The
street that begins at the HOtel Dumbrova was once a very busy Jewish and
Armenian street.

In the city of Bacau, about 20 km north there are only five Jews left.
HOwveer the synagogue has been repainted and the city is still alive,
albeit very poor. There is a beautiful cemetary that is kept up and in a
barn there is the only horse drawn hearse that I have seen. It is in
excellent condition.If you go north past Falticeni which was a thriving Jewish Center (the
cemetary ahs been destroyed), you arrive in villages that are thriving.I
spent weeks in Malini and discovered that there is one Jewish family still
living there. I interviewed them with a video camera, but it was barely
enough time to move >from obvious details to real discussion.The mother in
the family named Rappaport previously (and now is Marcus) is 87 years old.
Her mother was born in Dorohoi. Near the downtown park was the house of the
David family where all 17 families before the war (during the war the jews
lost everything and were deported to work in terrible conditions in
Falticen) used that house for a synagogue;there was once a mikvah in the
park area. No cemetary. Falticeni was the closest city. It is unusual for
Jews to have lived in villages and they owned no land.

But it is worth the trip since seeing the countryside and how people are
living today can give you a feel of what it was like more than a hundred
years ago, particularly in the villages that have been well kept.

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