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Dear family and friends:
With this e-mail we would like to formally announce the on-line premier
the Fishbein-Weinberg Family web site. The site can be accessed at the
following URL: We are excited that finally, after
two years of work, our family's remarkable journey through history can
finally be brought to life through pictures, anecdotes, documents and

The ancestral towns featured, or to be featured, on this site include:
Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Augustow, Poland
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
Klishkivtsi, Ukraine (formerly Bessarabia)
Khotin, Ukraine (formerly Bessarabia)
Manchester, England
New York, N.Y., U.S.A.
Miskolc, Hungary
Novoselitsa, Ukraine
Shilovtsi, Ukraine
Suwalki, Poland
Uscie Biskupie (Galicia) Ukraine
Warsaw, Poland
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Zhvanets, Ukraine

This site is very much a work in progress. It is the beginning of a
that we hope will be taken up by succeeding generations. In the months
years ahead it is our goal to bring to light additional material
the lives of our ancestors and the towns and societies in which they
For ours is a story rich in texture and meaning. It also is a story
punctuated by tragedy. Wars, revolutions and the Holocaust have all
played a
part in shaping our family destiny.

In the sweep of our history can be seen the broad contours of the modern
Jewish experience. It is an experience >from which we have drawn
and hope even as the dark clouds of Fascism, Communism and anti-Semitism
brought devastation to Europe and the World.

The Fishbein-Weinberg Family web site is organized around the seventeen
principal towns and villages in which our ancestors lived. Each section
follows the same format with pages devoted to a town's history,
life, burial sites, maps and pictures. There also is a section detailing
landsmanshaften (immigrant groups organized around families or their
of origin), established by the two branches of our family when they

We invite all visitors to our site to contact us with suggestions on how
might be improved. Similarly, we encourage anyone with family
photographs or documentation of general interest to contribute them to
site. We would be delighted to consider new material for inclusion on
web site as well as in the extensive Family Tree Maker data base which
maintain and continually update.

Our goal is to acquire at least one picture of each family member and as
much life cycle data as we can gather. This would include such
as birth and death dates, occupation, other life cycle dates,
background, military service, marital status, children, immigration, and
home life.

We also invite non-family members to contribute to the ancestral town
portion of the site. We are pleased to include material that highlights
central role Jews played in the lives of these communities.

Most of this site is open to the public and is searchable on the web.
However, material related to specific family members, to include the
presentation of specific descendent trees, will be eventually uploaded
the site. That new material will be password protected and only
to family members.

We invite all visitors to the Fishbein-Weinberg Family Web site to sign
guest book by clicking on the appropriate button bar. All comments and
suggestions are welcome.

Please note that that a small box labeled "Change Detection" is located
the bottom of the site's home page. If you type your e-mail address in
box you will be notified automatically in your e-mail every time the
web site is updated.

To all those who view this web site, we hope it serves as an inspiration
preserve their family history and to take pride in their Jewish
for both comprise the essence of who we are.


Rand and Julie Fishbein
Potomac, Maryland

Fishbein Family

Ackerman, Barst, Baronowsky, Blank, Brown, Cherkes, Cohen, Deutsch,
Erlich, Goldberg, Goldenberg, Elterman, Erlich, Farberg, Finkelstein,
Fishbein (Fischbein, Fishbeyn, Fishbine), Frank, Gappelberg, Greene,
Gerstein, Glasser, Gover, Grossman, Harris, Harrison, Hausman, Hochman,
Kanter, Kaufman, Kleinberg, Laban, Leinung, Lichtenthal, Loeb, Lukeman, =
Miller, Mostel, Muchnik, Parker, Pazzy, Peskoff, Potok, Raboy, Reger,
Reines, Rispler, Rosenberg, Satiskovsky, Sawyer, Schnilowitz, Schacter,
Schaffer, Senzer, Seskin, Shapiro, Stein, Wechsler, Wesley, Zalman,
Zimmerman, Zuflacht.

Weinberg Family

Agam, Alderman, Balter, Bedek, Berensztein, Berenstein, Berger (Weiss),
Berger (Weinberg), Carpeni, Feurstein, Fingerowski, Fink, Finkelstein,
Fishbein, Fletcher, Gibstein, Glasser, Glickman, Gross, Horowitz, =
Katz, Klimker, Krauss, Krosney, Kuba, Leizurek, Lipkowitz, Margaretten,
Margareten, Mendel, Miller, Mirofski, Mouchly, Powembrowski, =
Prince, Pwombrowski, Rechtman, Reinhard, Renan, Rosen Rosin, Rudolph,
Rynkowski, Rynkowsky, Sarne, Schwartz, Sedan, Sejnenski, Shalita, =
Shumsky, Shumski, Simon, Smagliar, Sokol, Stevens, Szumski, Taines, =
Tietelbaum, Turk, Waksman, Weiss, Weissman, Weinberg, Zakowski.

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