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I gonna try to help Suzy Lampert.
I am brazilian and to went to jewish gen to to locate relatives too.

My father is a Holocaust Survivor, >from Yedintzi, Bessarabia
He arrived in Brazil in 1954 and I borned here in São Paulo city, that is in
São Paulo State ( Brazil is divided in states )
Until I know we don´t have a organization >from Holocaust survivors.
The jewish population is around 200.000 people ( askenazi and
sepharadi )and I believe that in São Paulo lives 60% of them. At second Rio
de Janeiro

In other side we have jews congregation, federation, synagogues, clubs,
hospital, schools, magazines
Almost of them have sites with interesting links, also about holocaust

At first I can try to help you with your requests, because in these
organization you will meet links to others.
Instead of my bad English I can try to help you in somethings that you want
to know more

1- Confederação Israelita do Brasil ( CONIB ) = Israeli Confederation from

2- Federação Israelita do Estado de Minas Grerais = Israeli Federation of
Minas Gerais State
3- Ferderação Israelita do Estado do Rio de Janeiro = Israeli Federation of
Rio de Janeiro State

4- Federação Israelita do estado de São Paulo = Israeli Federation of São
Paulo State

If you need I can try to contact them

As I am trying to locate relatives too, I take this opportunity to ask if
someone have informations.

My father´s name is: Itzhak Gandelman- he borned at Yedintzi in 1930 - he
came to Brazil after the WW II
Her father was Fischel Gandelman - he perished in WW II
Her mother was Hema ( I'm not sure about the write ) Gandelman - she
perished too in WW II

Her grandfather - Noach Sterenberg - was a holocaust survivor and he
continued to live in Bessarabia after the WW II and married again
The contact was lost, maybe some descending went to USA

About jews that came to Brazil before the second war, I can speake about my
mother's family
My mother borned here in São Paulo in 1932
Her father was Moshe Schkolnick - >from Yedintzi - Bessarabia
Her mother was Rivka Vaie - >from Khotin - Bessarabia
I also have interest in this part of my family

Finally, good luck

Anete gandelman
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