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Dear Romanian Researchers,

When this group speaks of Romania - how much of the
time is the crown state of Bukovina included?

My family hails >from Czernowitz, Kosow, Vizhnitsa,
Kotsman, Miliye, Putila, Gura Humorului, and Dorna
Vatra. I have NO family >from the Bucharest, Cluj, Dej
areas except for a few who were relocated by the
Romanians after the war - and who made aliyah as soon
as possible. Some relatives drifted north towards the
area of Kolomyya, Galicia [Autro-Hungarian Empire]
during the years 1870-1910.

I read the e-mails faithfully every day there is a
posting, but I seldom see any references to this
sub-Galician area. Was the Jewish population from
this region very small compared to the rest of
Romania? Are there few members interested in this
region? I had the impression that Czernowitz was
considered a "Little Vienna" and that Vizhnitsa was
the center of Chasidism.

Yad Vashem list many, many Bukovinians in the Pages of
Testimony. For just three of my surnames of interest,
[RUBINGER, FESSLER and WEIGEL] there were some 600
entries. OF course, some were duplicate enties and
some were relatives who had moved to Vien & Berlin but

Fellow SIG members - your thoughts please.

Many thanks,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
Researching [among other] in the Bukovina:

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