Fleischhauer as an Occupation ? #austria-czech

Frank Eisinger <feising@...>

Very simply, "Fleischhauer" is a butcher and that designation is primarily
used by German speaking people in the old Austrian-Hungarian empire as
compared to the word "Metzger" which is used in Germany. I found the word
"Fleischhauer" in my large, two volume German Muret-Sanders dictionary
although smaller German dictionaries, which are also usually published in
Germany, may not list all the various regional differences .

There are many, many regional differences in the German speaking world -
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and many of these words may not be found in
dictionaries. In the world of cooking alone, there are may different words
for the same foods, depending on where one is. To give you a good idea of
the may regional differences of words, go to
http://www.kirchenweb.at/kochrezepte/ and in the pull down menu "Service",
select "Wörterbuch Ö/D" ( translated - "Dictionary Austrian/German").

Frank Eisinger
Saint James, NY

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