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rodolfo miller

Dear Sigger´s,

Peter Bakos message regarding his relative´s Abraham
FLASCHNER ocupation listed as Fleischhauer, which is
indeed a butcher, also known in german as Fleisscher,
Metzger, Sclachter, Knochenhauer. He would not only
sluaghter the animal and dress their flesh for food or
for market, but could also prepare saussages, smoke
meat, etc.

I find it interesting to note that FLASCHNER is also a
trade, term used in south germany for Klempner, or
Spengler or Blechner, the artisan that manufactures
items such as buckets, tubs, baking molds, etc. from
thin metal sheets.

We have a close friend named Lilly FLASCHNER whose
parents, Paul and Blanca FLASCHNER migrated to Mexico
in 1942, originally >from Vienna. Perhaps we should
compare notes.

Best wishes to all.

Rodolfo MULLER (umlaut U)

Searching: Müller, Mandl, Gottlieb, Gleissner - Vienna

MODERATOR NOTE: Peter's question concerning the meaning of the word
Fleischhauer has been responded to comprehensively. Please send any further
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