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Fern Ward <FRWard@...>

I am still trying to find someone who could/would translate VM5757, 5758 and
Apparently the writer of the letter (I think my great-grandmother but am not
sure) wrote it in a combination of Ghotic German, Yiddish, and Hungarian.

Since I am not familiar with any of the languages, if anyone can even pick
certain words out of the letters, I would appreciate it. (Maybe I could put
all of it together and make sense of it) OR if anyone has any ideas on where
I might go for a translation.....

Has anyone else run across anything like this? Are there certain parts of
the country where all three of these languages prevailed to the point of
combining. Could this alone be a clue on where I should be searching?

Again, thank you
Fern Ward
Laveen AZ
ZELMANOVICS (Maramaros Szighet), KATZ (Budapest)

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