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Jaclyn Sachs <jsachs@...>

My ancestor, Herman SACHS (1889-1940), an artist, emigrated >from Romania to Chicago with his
family as a child. His father was a painter who had done portraits of Queen Elizabeth I ("Carmen
Sylva"). Their surname was probably changed >from SEGAL/SEGALL to SACHS, possibly before arriving
in the U.S. Herman spoke German, which prompts me to think that maybe he and his family were >from

A few years ago, a woman sent my father, Alan, a SACHS family tree. He misplaced it, and we have
spent the past few years trying to find it.

If this sounds familiar, or you can provide any insight on SACHS/SEGAL in Romania, I would greatly
appreciate hearing >from you!


Jaclyn Sachs,
Berkeley, CA

Researching: SACHS (Romania), SEGAL (Romania), KRACOWSKI (Bialystok, Poland), TUCHSZNAJDER
(Zambrov, Poland), SOKOL (Zambrov), MELNIKOV (Gaysin, Ukraine), KRUTOGOLOV (Mokraya Kalyhirka,
Ukraine), BENDIT (Romania), SHESTACK (Kiev), KORETZKY (Kiev), PAVLOTZKY (Zlatopol, Ukraine).

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