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I am looking for my wife’s ancestors >from Romania as well as their descendants.
Samuel HIRSCH (a.k.a. Shmuel bar Zvi Hirsch) b. 04/15/1866. Immigrated to the
United States at age 38 on November 11, 1904 aboard the SS. Kroonland. Samuel was
accompanied by his wife Sara (or Sarah), age 34, and sons Abram, age 12, and
“Hersch” Hirsch (a.k.a. Harry Hyman Hirsch), age 5.
The passenger manifest also included: Ethnicity: Roumania, Hebrew Place of
Residence: Fessy (presumably France, but may should have been Jassy (in Romania))
Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium.
Samuel, Sara, Abram, Harry and another son, Moishe Hirsch, age 3, appear in the
1910 Census in Cleveland City, OH. Samuel’s occupation is listed as a street
peddler in the 1910 census and the family’s language is listed as Yiddish. Census
form noted that Sara and Samuel had 7 children, with only 3 still living; i.e. 4
died before coming to the United States.

Samuel Hirsch died on August 17, 1910 in Cleveland, OH at age 44, and was buried
on Aug 18, 1910 in Cleveland, OH. His Occupation: Tailor, Name of Father: Harry
Hirsch and Name of Mother: Hina Huih.

Harry Hirsch (my wife's grandfather) became a presb. minister in the 1920's and
NEVER (i.e. Absolutely Refused to) talked about his father, mother or other family
members so everything we know to date is based on what we’ve been able to piece
together >from the Ellis Island records.

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