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Thanks to all of you who helped me or volunteered to translate my
documents. I have many names and don't need any more.

I've had several people email questioning the documents for Dorohoi that
I found. Actually there was an article in Avotaynu late last summer or
fall stating the new records at the LDS and the films for Dorohoi were
on the list. Here it is:

If searching under Title: Metrical books 1869-1902

If searching under author: Jewish Congregation Herta (Dorohoi)(Main Author)

Film 2329599 item 2 births 1869-1874
item 3 1875-1880
item 4 1877-1883

Film 2329600 item 1 births 1883-1884
item 2 1885-1893
item 3 1893-1901
item 4 1900-1901

Film 2329601 item 1 births 1901-1902

item 2 deaths 1877-1884
item 3 1885-1891

Film 2329602 item 1 deaths 1891-1892
item 2 1893-1901

All records are in Roumanian. Hope this helps!!
Susan Gurman
Lansdale, Pa.

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