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Martin Fischer

I would be very grateful if someone would translate a letter >from Romanian
into English for me that I have posted at:

It may be a follow up to an earlier 1921 letter in which Tony Abramovici of
Targu Neamt, Romania, informed her uncle Herman Landman of Kansas City, Mo.,
that her family had been unable to raise more than 50,000 lei for a dowry,
while a young man's family she was hoping to marry was demanding 70,000 lei.

I was surprised to learn of the need for a dowry in early 20th Century
Romania. Was a dowry commonly expected to be paid by a bride's parents in
the 1920s in Romania? Was this true among both Jews and gentiles in Romania
at that time?

Many thanks for any explanation and/or translation help.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois

The Fischer and Levin family history Web site is at:

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