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Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

Dear Arnold,
As of yesterday July 21, the 1911 Canada Census has been released to
the public, and its images are browseable online at
<>.. If
you can find your great-grandmother listed,you may learn more about her.

This Census asks the year of immigration, and the citizenship status
of each resident. It notes the country they're a citizen of, and
either the year of naturalization, that they'd begun the process
("papers"), or leaves it blank if they weren't a citizen. It also
asks the month, year, and country of birth.

Since the census is not yet indexed, I'll suggest three options:
1) See if you can locate repositories which have City Directories
for Montreal. If she or her husband (or any other family ) is listed
in the 1911 edition, you can search for that address in the
census. If she's not in the 1911 Directory, try the 1910 or 1913
editions - maybe she didn't move. (or maybe her Montreal death
certificate gives a home address . . .)

In addition to the census itself, the Archives has posted maps for
the sub-districts. While you'll still have to search within each
sub-district, the maps are of great help. (I downloaded,
photoshop'ed, and printed the Toronto Centre map so I could mark the

Between the City Directory and the maps, you may be able to find her family.

2) Guess which area of Montreal she lived in, and review each census
page for that area.

3) The indexing of the census will be a coordinated volunteer
effort. (You can choose what you want to index,but they'll make sure
no areas are duplicated) You can wait for others to index Montreal
--or assist in the project!

Be sure to consider spelling "variations" . . .

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia

At 10:15 PM 7/20/2005, wrote:
With the help of the JGS of Montreal, I recently located the grave
of my great grandmother Rosie (FREINDLICH) SAMLAN, who died March
21, 1915 and in buried in Back River Cemetery there. It is possible
that she was >from Romania.

She left one son, Abraham (my grandfather), born in February 1895.
He claimed to be born in Montreal, although we have no birth record
to confirm that.

I am trying to locate any information about Rosie's life, including
and especially Canadian/Quebec immigration information. I'm also
trying to locate any Romanian documents or records that might
shed some light on the life of her husband, Moses, about whom we
know only that he was born in Romania, supposedly died in a war --
family legend has it as the Spanish-American War. We have no burial

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