Romania SIG #Romania trip to Hincesti, Ganshaft, Kotovsk, etc... #romania

M. Amsel-Arieli <nomietai@...>

It's all the same:

Kotovsk, Kotovskoye, Khencheshti, Hânceºti,
Gynchesht', Ganchesty, Hînceºti, Khynchesht....

my husband will soon be going to Kishinev for a
business trip and plans a side excursion to his
ancestral home, Kotovsk (the modern name of the

He is researching SUSSMAN and KUSHELEVITZ.

Has anyone beem there? Is there a Jewish
anything to see? Can anyone recommend an
English-speaking guide in Kishinev?

Do any seasoned Jewishgeners have advice,
experience, etc.?

Thanks, Melody Amsel-Arieli
Maaleh Adumim
Slovakia: Amsel, Schonfeld, Baum, Landau,Einhorn,Ritter
Bessarabia: Zazulia, Morgenstern,Cushilevitz,Pollak
Galicia: Einstein
MODERATOR NOTE: Don't forget JewishGen's Shtetlschleppers when planning trips to
ancestral lands! Private replies please.

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