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Bob Wascou <robertw252@...>

JewishGen is pleased to announce an update to the
database: "Kishinev Vital Records". This database is a
component of both the Romanian and Ukraine databases
and can be found at
<> or

The database contains over 49,950 birth records, over
14,200 marriage or divorce records and over 17,875
death records >from Kishinev, Moldova for a total of
over 74,100 records. Kishinev was formerly in
Bessarabia gubernia of the Russian Empire. These
records were filmed by the Genealogical Society of
Utah and provided to JewishGen for transliteration.
The original records are located in the
NationalArchives of the Republic of Moldova in
Kishinev (Chisinau).

When completed the Kishinev vital records database
will contain birth, marriage, divorce and death
records >from 1829 to 1915 but will not contain all
years. Many records remain to be transliterated. Work
to transliterate these records is ongoing. We are also
in the process of working on records >from Bender,
Causeni and Herta. Herta is now in the Ukraine.

In order to complete the transliteration of these
records we need dedicated volunteers who are able and
willing to help transliterate the Cyrillic, Hebrew or
Romanian script. We are looking for people who are
able to decipher difficult handwriting and can donate
a few hours a week. If you are interested in
volunteering, contact Bob Wascou at

Detailed information about the Kishinev vital records
database can be found at

Bob Wascou
ROM-SIG Resource Coordinator

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