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I recently received pictures of my great-grandparents that are photos
taken >from portraits painted circa 1860-1870.

VM6904 Josef BREUER born 1836 in Tasnad, Hungary now Romania appears to
be wearing a Fez. Is this hat considered unusual for a
Jewish Hungarian man to wear or is it typical for that time?

VM6905 Regina GRUNSTEIN BREUER born 1840 in Bihar, Hungary now Biharea,
Romania is wearing an unusual piece of jewelry
hanging >from a gold chain that appears to be an amulet.
Could someone identify what it is?

I would also appreciate it if others who are researching the surnames
BREUER, NEUFELD and GRUNSTEIN in Hungary and Romania could view these
pictures and see if my great-grandparents resemble their family members.

Please contact me directly at:

Thanks in advance for your help.
Fran Meng
Walnut Creek, CA

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