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Leonie Flack <mail@...>

I have a copy of my greatgrandparents marriage record >from Husi dated
1881 which gives surnames.

Leonie Flack
London, UK

FLACH/FLACK/FLASZ, Kalisz & Stawiszyn - GERSON/HERSON, Szczuczyn, Poland
- KOSINER/KOSHINER/COHEN, Uniejow, Poland/Ukraine - OTOI/OTE/OTTO, Husi,
SCHLEGEL/SLAGEL, Pistyn, Kolomyja, Poland - STARK, Krakow, Poland

Alan Tapper wrote:

Let's not forget Romanian history. Romania became a free and
independent country in 1866. Before that it was part of the Ottoman
Empire and the Turks only cared about Turkish citizens. My wife's
grandfather was born in Jassy in 1870 and according to his military
service record the surname was Hochberg. That document was >from
1892. So the answer to when they were required to have surnames,
would be hard to pin down exactly .

Alan Tapper
Fairfax, VA.
MODERATOR NOTE: As was stated in an earlier message, there seems to not
have been any fixed rule as to when family names began to be used. So there
will be many different examples.

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