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Arnold Samlan

I recently discovered my great-great-grandfather's name: Joseph/Yosef
Freindlich (or close spelling). While this is all the information that I have as
of the moment, his daughter, Rosie (Freindlich) Samlan came to Montreal, most
likely in the 1890's. She was widowed at a young age, and died herself in 1915,
leaving an only son, my grandfather.

The only information I have >from my family is that its roots are ">from
Romania," which, in that time period, could be Romania proper or any of a few
other nearby countries.

Anyone with the last name of Freindlich (or a closely related name) who
believes that they might have a family connection, or might have other
information, please contact me.

Best wishes for a shana tova,

Arnold D. Samlan
West Hempstead, NY


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