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Mendel TABER came >from Jassy, (Iasi), Romania in 1898 to New York >from port
of departure, Hamburg. He said he had been in this country before >from
1896-1897 but I can't find a passenger list with his name on it. He was going to
someone named WEIDEL or WEISEL, can't be sure of the name. He also came in 1901
from Hamburg to NY but I can't make out the name of the person he was going
to, maybe a TABER. He also came in 1904 >from Glasgow to NY to 59 3th st
(That is the spelling.) The name of the person he was going to may begin with a
So it seems he made several trips >from Romania to NY City. Can anyone give
me any help in finding him in this country? Since I couldn't find any sign of
him on a ship's list after 1904, I am assuming he remained here. I have made
extensive search of census records, particularly 1910.

Dolores Strickland
Oxnard, CA

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