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I have got today the birth registrations of my grandfather's father and
mother, born 1886 and 1890, Botosani Romania.

I have sent a request by mail to the Archives in Botosani by 1 Nov. 2005
, got a response >from them after a month that they have found the
documents and transferred them to Bucharest for approval. Nagged through
an e-mail to Bucharest (don't know if I had to do it). Yesterday I have
received mail through the embassy to come, pay and collect the papers.
Taking into account that the process used snail mail - it was quite
The biggest con - they charged 150 NIS (almost 40 dollars) per document.

I need to point that I have requested documents for which I had exact
dates - I do not know what will be their response to a request that
requires them to do a more extensive search (have sent a letter with a
second batch of documents - waiting for the response). Also, it might be
that the response depends on the local manager.=20

By the way - As I have understood, the way to get identity related
documents >from Romania is making a request at the local

Sorin Goldenberg

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