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My Grat uncle was Shlomo Zalmen Hochman >from Tel Aviv he born in Bohus
He Write a fue Articles abbout his family.
I read in his article that his Garand Father Yekusiel Hochman's (Father was
Aaharon Kitzes born in Russia in escape to Biaserabia Tighina - Bendery -
Moldova, He change eis name to HOCMAN.) his married Milka Beila Daughter of
Yosi Beyloot? >from Husi (aka - Hazan of Hoosh or Der Reuter/ this Red man).
Yekusiel born ABT 1852 after he married he was a Dayen & a Schoychet in
Wishniovskia.he died 15 MAR 1936 in Bendery, Moldova
Milcha Beila born ABT 1852 & she died 16 JUL 1929 in Bendery, Moldova.
They have 7 children: Levi, Moshe, Meir, Shmuel, Shabtay Rachel & another
If any body Know More information abbout this family Please let me know.
S Yankovitsh
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