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Terry Lasky <talasky@...>

I am happy to announce that an additional 13 chapters (42 pages) of the
Orhei (Orgeyev), Moldova Yizkor book have now been translated and put on
Jewishgen. This includes Chapters 8-14, 19 and 129-133.

It will only take about $350 more (plus what I have already collected
and contributed) to finish the entire book. This is the last time that
I will be asking for donations. Please make a donation at

and be sure to mark it for the Orhei, Moldova Yizkor book. No more
work will be done on the book until I have collected enough money.
Please be generous this final time so that we can have a completed
Yizkor book. Please email me privately to let me know the amount of
your donation so that I will know if I have collected enough to complete
the book (

Thank You

Terry Lasky
Colorado, USA

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