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Anita <anitac47@...>

Just joined the SIG as I just discovered the real town name that my
husband's father came from. The town name had been incorrectly spelled (how
odd is that :-D) on the manifest and I just found out the correct spelling
so at least I have a starting point. My husband knows little about his
family other than his father and his uncle came over in the early 1920s to
NY. I may have also discovered a relative of theirs due to the connection
given to me by Elsebeth Paikin to a friend of hers.

So now I'm trying to connect the dots. The name--CITRON, CZITRON, and
possibly CZITROM--pops up all over but seems to be concentrated in the
Transylvania area. I was wondering if someone could tell me what county (?)
is indicated in the burial records by "Tr. Mica" (the "a" has a diacritical
mark over it)?? For instance it says "Alena, Tr. Mica" for birthplace, county.

Thanks for your help!

Anita Citron
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