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Dear all,
Do not forget the Romanian Jews who arrived in Egypt, a generation later,
after settling in Palestine.
My own family was a good case. The EPSTEINs left Galati aboard the
"Thetis" ( a Danubian riverboat) and eventually disembarked in Haifa in
August 1882. They were part of the Bilu movement, and hence help found
Zichron Yaacov. Their origins are obscure. Research has revealed that
they changed their original name of SADOWSKY to the Bilu name of EPSTEIN
after leaving Tulcea in 1882, bound for disembarkation in Galati. The
family settled in Tulcea in 1878. >from where they came before this (which
country???) is anyone's guess!!!
During the late 1890's or early 1900's my grandfather Avraham Epstein and
his brother Shmuel Epstein were sent as young men to live with Romanian
relatives in Alexandria, Egypt. Eventually, the family (living in poverty
and hunger) in Zichron Yaacov was thus split in three: One third was sent
to Egypt, one third sailed for Fremantle in Western Australia and one
third remained in Zichron Yaacov. Hence I was born in Egypt, but migrated
to Australia in 1950.

With kind regards,

Dr Ivor Epstein

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