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Seeking information on my family that immigrated to
Canada in 1911 >from
Storozhinets, Bukovina. Leon Turanski, my
grandfather, b. 1880 in Bukovina;
his wife Caroline (nee (Engiovski) Jendrzeiovsky)
Turanski, b. 1890 in
Bukovina; along with their son John and daughter
This letter is less of a personal nature, it could be
helpful to all who are trying to analyze the origins
of their families.

The name Turanski suggests that the original name,
before the family moved to Bucovina, may have been
Turan. This word refers to an area in central Asia
where the Hungarians are thought to originate from:
There is a Jewish family in Hungary by that name, here
is the website of one of them:

The other clue is the wife's name. Is it sure that
her maiden (last) name was Jendrzeiovsky? In Russan
speaking areas they often wrote the father's name
between the first and last names, which in this case
could mean that her father was Endre, a very Hungarian
first name. :)

Sarah Feuerstein
Toronto, Canada

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