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Dear All,

I would like to share with you information about a recent (2003) book,
that is the result of recent, careful research into the tragedy of the
Struma, the decrepit cattle boat, that carried nearly 800 Romanian
Jews to their tragic deaths in the Black sea, during WWII.

For those who are interested the authors are: Frantz, Douglas &
Catherine Conner. The title is: "Death on the Black Sea; the untold
story of the Struma and the World War II's Holocaust at sea", published
by HarperCollins, NY NY, 2003, ISBN 0-06-621262-6

Included is a corrected and updated list of the passengers, compiled
from the nearly dozen of lists, official and unofficial, in a chapter
contributed by Samuel Aroni, Professor Emeritus, UCLA, California, USA.
It was Prof. Aroni who was kind enough to call my attention to this
book. Information regarding it has also been added to the Struma link
on the ROM-SIG homepage.

This is a one-time commercial announcement permitted by JewishGen.

Rosanne Leeson

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