Romania SIG #Romania Re: Romanian Torah from Klowz recovered & refurbished #romania

Don Solomon

They may be referring to Cluj-Napoca, also frequently referred to as
Cluj. It is near the Hungarian border and at one time was part of
the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then was known as Klausenberg.

My cousins Lonna and Marvin of Kansas recently obtained a Romanian Torah
that survived the Holocaust, and they have presented it to their new
shul. They are now trying to find the history of this Torah and to link it
to Jews who lived in Klowz(?). Can you help them to locate this place in
Romania, and to help with information about Klowz and its Jews? Here's the
Don Solomon <dsolomon@...>
Boston, MA USA
Searching: NIMOY, DRUTIN, KATZ (Izyaslav, Volhynia Gub., Ukr.)

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