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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Dear ROMsiggers,

I am overwhelmed by the response (so far!) of 16 subscribers to this
mailing list, nearly all agreeing that the town in question was Cluj. I
never expected such a wide-spread desire to participate in the joy which my
cousins Lonna (Esterson) and Marvin Kahn have derived >from the process of
acquiring for their own synagogue, a Torah with such historic Romanian meaning.

My original posting included the following description by my cousins of the
Torah which they bought for their synagogue:

"What we know about our Holocaust Torah: It is >from the Romanian city of
Klowz, and the Jews who were fleeing >from the Nazis gave it to a local
gentile family. They asked the family to hold onto the Torah for when they
returned. They never returned. The gentile family held onto the Torah for
many years before it was sold and taken to Israel where it was restored and
then made its way, via Florida, to its new home in Overland Park, KS. We
have been unable to locate a town or village named Klocz or Klowz or any
variation thereof anywhere in Romania and assume it vanished during the
World War II era."

When I posted my request for help, it was my opinion that the correct name
of the town was indeed *Cluj*. But I felt that I needed the more expert
opinions that ROMsig participants could provide. And I did receive that
expert assistance. Thanks.

Now all the members of that Kansas synagogue will know that on every
Shabbat and major Jewish Chag, they will be saying a prayer and making a
statement in the memory of all those Jews >from Cluj who at one time also
listened to the reading of THEIR Torah in THEIR beautiful shul.

I want you all to know that one respondent, Edward Marcus, went to the
trouble of sending me a beautiful picture of that beautiful shul in
Cluj. On behalf of my cousins and the other members of their synagogue, I
wish to express our deep appreciation to Edward for sending this picture,
and to all of the other respondents for sharing their information.

And another respondent, Rosanne Leeson, suggested that my cousins contact
Prof. Ladislau Gyemant, who has written extensively on the history of the
Jews of the region, in Avotaynu, and books, and is the Director of the
Moshe Carmilly Institute for Jewish History at the University of
Cluj-Napoca. On behalf of my cousins and the othe membes of their
synagogue, I wish to express our deep appreciation to Rosanne for this
excellent suggestion.

Our thanks to the following ROMsig responders for their thoughtful replies
to my request for help:

Arye Barkai, Rosanne Leeson, Howard Orenstein, Trisher Wilson, Simon
Solomon, Moshe Lehrer, Monica Talmor, Morton Lang, Judy Siegel, Nachum
Katz, Susanna Vendel, Avishalom Klammer, Marcel Mindrescu, Sarah
Feuerstein, Don Solomon, and Edward Marcus.

If I have inadvertently missed someone's name, please forgive me.

Thanks again to ROMsig and its members for this wonderful help.

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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