Eugene Vaynshteyn <vaynshteyn@...>

My fathers side of the family comes >from Beltsy (Balti) in northern
Bessarabia. Unfortunately, I know very little about my grandfather Kopel's
family (VAINSTEIN, VAYNSHTEYN, WEINSTEIN), as his parents and sisters did
not survive the war. His full Jewish name was Kopel Yankel, and he had a
first cousin named Yankel Kopel - both named in memory of their common
grandfather. His parents were Moishe and Mariam (Moshe and Miriam). My
grandfather was born in Balti, but his family lived in Yassy (Iasi) in
Romania for some time. In 1940 they returned to Balti in order to stay on
the Soviet side of the border. My father remembers hearing in his childhood
that his paternal grandmother was the granddaughter of the YOISHER REBBE
(meaning of Iasi in Yiddish) and that he had some very distant relatives,
possibly >from that side, named RABINOWITZ. I suspect (based on Itz'chak
Alfasi's book, "Hachassidut") that Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz might be the
Rebbe he was talking about, but unfortunately cannot trace this further. I
would appreciate any ideas.

My paternal grandmother's family is >from a place called Alexandreni, near
Balti (or within the city limits now). Her name was Dvoira, after her own
great grandmother, and her maiden name was BATUSHANSKY (literally, of
Botosani, misspelled, but I cannot go back far enough to trace my roots to
this village in Romania). Her father's name was Velvel and her mother was
Hayka (Chaya) NOSIKOVSKY, my only great grandparent to survive the war.

Eugene Vaynshteyn
Passaic, NJ
Originally >from Kishinev, Moldova

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