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Bernie Levy <bernie-levy@...>

My maternal side comes >from the former Austria-Hungarian empire and
consists of the surnames listed at the bottom of my researching lines.
A STIER cousin told me the town names Berehomet (formerly Berhometh)
and Myhowe (formerly Mihowa) -- in the Bukowina area now in SW Ukraine
-- implying my KAUDERERs and BURGs were >from there but otherwise I am not sure.
Probably his STIERs were.

My grandfather was Morris Frank KAUDERER born in Austria in 1889. I
believe he came to the US ca 1910-12 and resided in Brooklyn at the
time that my mother Rose and the older siblings were born. Then they
moved to Philadelphia. Morris' father was Benyumin who came to the US
around 1901 or so. Benyumin (Benjamin) is buried in Mt. Zion in
Maspeth, Queens, NY.

Morris was one of 5 children of his father's first wife; all of those
children and descendants wound up in Philadelphia, while there were
5 more with a 2nd wife and these remained in NYC. The first 5 and 2
of the 2nd 5 were born in Austria while the last 3 were born in Brooklyn.

My grandmother's maiden name was Pauline (Paulina?) BURG. She and some
of her sibs came to the US around the same time (guessing 1910-12).

I have quite a bit more info on them and related branches in this
country (USA) but precious little >from Austria. I've been stuck at
this point for several years. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT, USA

LEVY, POSMONTIER (POSMENTYRER, etc.) poss. >from Biezun (or Bedzin), Poland
ACKERMAN >from Kretinga, Lithuania
DREBIN/DREBEN >from Taurage & Kretinga, Lith. and Poltava, Ukraine
also possibly Russ Banilov, Zalusce, Sniatyn, Otynya, Dzhuriv (Ukraine)

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