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Hello, this is the second time I'm posting this message because I think
it could be new participants in this ROM-SIG group.

My name is Eduardo Balbachan and I'm looking for any data about my

"BALBACHAN", "BOLBACHAN" or "BOLBOCHAN" are three interchangeable
spelling of my surname which appear in different members of my family.
By oral tradition of my relatives I know that they came >from Bessarabia
(nowadays Moldova or Romania).
They departed >from Odessa, shipped by the Jewish Colonization
Association (JCA- Baron Maurice Hirsch) on 5th october 1894 aboard of
the steamship"Bosforo" and arrived Genoa where they took a second steamship
"Manilla" and finally they arrived on 27th november 1894 to Argentina where they
settled in two colonies of the JCA.
The original group who arrived on that trip was composed by my
greatgrandfather Mosche BALBACHAN, his wife Kaile ROITMAN
and six children: Haim, Baruch, Selmann, Lazar (my grandfather), Meilach
and Leiba BALBACHAN(or BALBATZAN as they were annotated in the ship
The whole group who came to Argentina in that trip was named Soroki II
because all they were gathered at Soroki (or Soroca, a city of Besarabia
nowadays belonging to Moldova)(I have certain clues showing that at
least one Bolbochan came >from Beltsi - or Balti).
Here in Argentina they lived in two colonies named Akkerman I and II
(which are a part of the great colony Lucienville of Entre RĂ­os).
My grandfather Lazar was married to Witta ABRAMZON (or ABRAMSON) here in
Argentina. Witta ABRAMZON had also come in that ship (Manilla) in the
same trip, with her parents Abram and Brana ABRAMZON.
I also know that there were some BALBACHAN who lived at Kishinev
Best regards
Eduardo Balbachan

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