Addresses in Poland/Galicia & Directories Online #galicia

Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

Re: Tuvia Palmer's request for suggestions on how to find addresses
for ancestors who once lived in Galicia:

I would advise going to Logan Kleinwaks's "Search Engine for Online
Historical Directories" at:

This website searches text versions of scanned pre-WWII directories.
Logan also offers hints for making your searching more productive,
given the limitations of OCR (optical character recognition), so it
is important to read through his instructions and the FAQ link.

Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to view all the
directories available. The years span 1901 through 1930 and cover
all of "Galicia" (even when it became Poland) in several directories.
For those of you researching family that might have moved to Warsaw,
Danzig, Posen, Romania or Silesia, these directories are also

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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