How to set up memorial in Gnojnik, Poland #galicia

Nancy Fox <jessefox7@...>

Dear Genners, if any of you have ever placed a small memorial (even
wall plaque) in your family's shtetl in Poland, would you kindly
offer me some advice? Please correspond with me directly.

I have written a letter to my grandmother's town mayor for Gmina
Gnojnik in Brzesko Powiat/County/District, Poland (formerly
Galicia) to ask permission, but I have not sent the letter until I
know what is the best protocol or way of approaching the mayor
regarding this issue.

None of my immediate SILBERSPITZ family >from Gnojnik died in the
Holocaust as far as I know. One immediate relative of mine born in
Gnojnik and resided in Berlin escaped >from Germany in 1938. Everyone
else in my family living in Gnojnik died by 1937. My grandmother
died in the USA in 1923.

A few other Jewish families >from Gnojnik were victims of the
Holocaust and are listed on POT's on Yad Vashem's website...their
survivors may have left a memorial in Gnojnik already.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Nancy Fox
Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Searching: SILBERSPITZ >from Gnojnik, Poland

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