Translation of Lviv Birth records fr Polish to English ViewMate VM11512,13,14,18 #galicia


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of the repetition, like so:

Researching in Galicia: BINDIG, BINDER - Lviv and Kulikow, Ukraine;
KNOBEL - Chernitsa and Lviv, Ukraine; Kolbuszowa, Radomysl, and
Rymanow, Poland; DEUTSCH - Gorlice, Poland; GLANTZ, FINGERHUT, SCHUL,
FEUER - Kolbuszowa, Rymanow, and Radomysl, Poland; Lviv, Ukraine;
BECK, BLODEK - Krakow, Poland; Sambir, Ukraine; BAER, BIRMAN,
BIERMAN, FEINER - Kolbuszowa, Radomysl, and Rymanow, Poland

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I've recently posted on ViewMate copies of the Lviv birth records
for the following relatives of mine:

Mojzesz Knobel (1881 AKT 846) --

Dawid Knobel (1887 AKT 940) --

Herman Knobel (1884 AKT 1249) --

Baruch Knobel (1883 AKT 278) --

I would be most grateful if someone could translate these birth
records >from Polish to English for me. Please reply directly to me
at .

Thank you in advance for your help.

Karyn Michaels
Rancho Mirage, CA

BINDIG, BINDER (Galicia/ Lviv , Kulikow ,Ukraine)
KNOBEL (Lviv ,Ukraine / Kolbuszowa, Poland / Ukraine / Rymanow, Radomysl,
Poland / Chernitsa,Ukraine / England
DEUTSCH (Galicia / Stropkov, Slovakia / Gorlice,Poland, Galgocz,Hungary)
BROWN (Hungary/ Sieu,Hungary),
FISCHER (Hungary, Sieu, Hungary)
GREEN (Hungary/Sieu, Hungary)
Ukraine/,Rymanow,Radomysl,Poland/ Galicia
BRODY, BRODIE, Hungary, Stropkov / Slovakia
BECK/BLODEK (Krakow ,Poland / Sambir ,Ukraine)
BAER, BIRMAN, BIERMAN, FEINER (Kolbuszowa, Radomysl, Rymanov,Poland /
Galicia / Ukraine)

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