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Shalom Isaac,

Following your question regarding Romanian archives.

I've sent a request to the National Archives in Bucharest back at
August 2005, based on instructions similar to those that you've

My request was for civil records >from Bucharest and Iasi.
I received one response >from the Bucharest Archives saying that they
couldn't found any of the records I requested.
Another response, >from the Iasi Archives, said that they found three
birth records and they sent it back to Bucharest for approval.
In conclusion, after 6 months I received the records at the Romanian
embassy in Israel for no charge.
The records they've sent were not a copy of the original birth records
but rather documents that include summary of the details taken from
the birth records (I can't tell whether all details >from the original
records were included).
Note that in my request I've put only the info I had, which apparently
was not so accurate, but still they found the records.

Three month ago I've sent another request, this time directly to the
Iasi Archives, asking for a copy of the original birth records I
received (and not a summary only), as well as a additional records.
Five weeks later I received a letter asking for a 37 US dollars fee
(the only way to pay is to transfer money to their account in a
Romanian bank in Bucharest - the do not get credit cards).
I transferred the money (the commission was additional 23 US dollars=85)
and I'm still waiting for the records.

To sum up - based on my experience with the Iasi Archives, your
chances are good (but note that the overall process can take several
I can't tell you which way is preferred - sending the request through
Bucharest or directly to Iasi. Maybe you should try both.

Oded Mann
You wrote:

I'm seeking the birth certificate of my wife's Gr.father >from Iasy. I have
only his year of birth.

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