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I have posted the following 5 pictures on Viewmate

VM9322 - picture card - need translation (Yiddish)
Also Does anyone recognize these girls? They were Adel and Zelda
ROSENFELD/ROZENFELD, sisters of my grandmother, Anna (ROSENFELD)
TRACHTENBERG/TRAKHTENBERG taken in early 1900s, probably in Besserabia

I am hoping someone might recognize the people in the rest of these

Unknown couple, taken in Kishinev, probably around 1900s. This
picture was found in the effects of my grandparents, Jacob (Yankel/
Yakov/Jankel) TRACHTENBERG and Anna ROSENFELD. An identical photo was
in the possession of the family of an Isadore and Fanny (maiden name
unknown) BUS(Z?)INOFSKY. Both families were immigrants to NY early
1900s. Trachtenbergs claim to be related to Businofskys but
Businofskys did not think so. Both families were >from Kishinev.
Isadore was thought to have been a tinsmith. Jacob was trained as a
tinsmith in his father's (Mordecai/MottelTrakhtenberg) business in
Kishinev, making tin roofs.

TRAKHTENBERG family 1935, probably taken in Kishinev. Photo sent to
my grandfather Jacob Trachtenberg >from one of his brothers but it did
not include the first names of anyone pictured.

Passport or some sort of ID picture, probably around 1900s, Kishinev.
This is probably one of my grandfather's (Jacob Trachtenberg) brothers.

Probably Mordecai and Brana (SHAPOSHNIK? spelling) TRAKHTENBERG,
parents of my grandfather, taken in Kishinev early 1900s.

Mordecai/Mordko/Mottel Itskovich TRAKHTENBERG and Brana Shliomovna
SHAPOSHNIK (? Spell) were said to have had 11 children, names of most

unknown. Three made it to America:
Jacob/Yankel/Jankel (born 1880)
Moshe/Moses/Morris (born 1886)
Schlioma/Sam (born 1894)
Other known children: Idel (born 1891)
Ayzik (born 1898)
Itskhok (born 1896)
There were related Trakhtenbergs, names unknown, in Odessa.
Jacob's wife Anna Rosenfeld had at least the two sisters (above) but
nothing else is known.
I welcome any connections to these families. Please reply to

Claire Stuart
Glengary, WV


from Bessarabia & Odessa

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