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Hello all

My mother was born in Bucarest and I have a copy of her birth certificate
from there but it has some illegible parts. I am looking to get a new copy. I
went to the Romanian consulate in NYC last April where I completed an
application and paid them in cash for a copy of the certificate. I also
enclosed a copy of the one I had to assist them in locating the copy in Bucarest.
I also requested her mother's death certificate and enclosed a copy of the grave
card that I have. I have heard nothing at all.

I recall reading here about someone contacting the Romanian Embassy in DC
for assistance and wonder how that turned out. Is there any other advice
anyone has, or experience, with obtaining documents for Bucarest?

Whereas I know people are asked to reply privately for some family
questions, I think that any information or experience with resources, archives,
etc. in Romania would be valuable to all list members. This is a relatively
small group and Romania seems more difficult to get information >from than some of
the other places. I appreciate any thoughts on continuing researching this

If anyone would like to respond to me privately about research experience I
would also welcome that.

Phyllis Simon
New York

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