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Jeanne Gold <twig@...>

Along with researching my own family, GOLDGLIED, I've been working on
another tree we believe may be connected. Along the way, I've placed her
ancestors in Kishinev and there are some odd holes in the story. Maybe
if I share what bit I have, someone here will see there family and
contact me.

(Note: like many families, this one has multiple variations on each person's name)

1. Leibe "Libby" "Lina" HOROWITZ was born 1855 - 1858 in Kishinev. She
married Shmuel "Samuel"/Nathan H./Harry GOLDGLIED who died sometime
before 1906 -- possibly as early as 1903. They had 3 children we know of.

1.1 Lessa Goldglit, born ca 1873, Kishinev. She was married twice. Her
first husband's first name is not known, only that he died about 1903 or
a little before that. Her 2nd husband was Yossel FELDMAN. Her children
from both marriages: Rose GUROVITCH, Bertha "Bea" GUROVITCH and Chane

1.2 Leiben "Louis" Goldglit, born 08 Jul 1883 - 1884 married Izloine
"Sarah" BRESSELR in NY. His children: Rebecca, Rose & Lina. He was the
first to come to the US, arriving 12 Nov 1903. Mother, sister,
brother-in-law and nieces came 28 Nov 1906.

1.3 The last child, a girl, whose name was something like Civia. Family
lore suggests she died at Harbin Prison in Manchuria, Northern China

If anyone out there recognizes this family, I would like to know who
Leesa's first huband was.

I wouldn't also mind finding someone out there who has a dangling Leibe
Horowitz ....

Also, given that Leesa's first husband and father died about the same
time, I can't help but wonder if the family lore of a pogrom may not be
accurate and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to find
out more about pogroms in that region.

(Note: I have read the article, "Kishinev 1903 Pogrom Victims" located

Thank you for your time,
Jeanne Gold
Albany, OR, USA

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