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Susan Stone <momteller@...>

Hello All,
Many of you have been asking about cemetery
photos....I just want to let you know that I have sent
them to JOWBR and they will post them on that page on
the Jewish Gen website. Please keep your eye out for
them. Thank you to Nolan for his help, and to all
those who will translate these stones for us.

I have one more story to add to my Romanian
adventures....We went to BATIZ (Botiz) where an
ancestor of mine was born. It was a small cemetery
across the street >from some small, poor homes and we
had to find the key. In ALL the cemeteries we visited
there was a sign posted (sometimes a small hand
written one) telling us the address of the person with
the key. Often they were paid by a Jewish
organization to keep the cemetery intact. As we were
turning into the lane where the cemetery was, a man
in an undershirt rushed at us and would not let us
pass. He plastered himself on the car and was
screaming. Even my unflappable guide
was...well....flapped! He thought we would get in
trouble with the police for hitting the man. The man
ran away screaming so he wasn't hurt. The people all
came out and told us that the man was "crazy" because
his wife had died and he wanted to die too. After our
cemetery visit the police came and somehow found the
man running around and hauled him off unceremoniously.
A little adventure in very rural Romania.

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

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