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Hellow everybody
I need any help you could give me about obtaining my grandfather┬┤s birth

certificate. He was born at Beltz (Beltsy or Balti), Bessarabia, on 1877

(or 1878). As you know, at that time Bessarabia belonged to the Russian
Empire. Later it belonged to Romania and at last it became an
independent country, Moldova.

I am living in Argentina, where there is not a Moldovan consulate, so I
have tried the following attempts:
-I went to the Romanian Consulate, but they couldn't help me, because
they said nowadays Beltz is in Moldova
-After this, I have written to the moldovan consulates at USA, Romania,
Ukraine and Russia, but any of these sites have never answered me
-Finally, I have sent mails to six authorities >from the Moldovan Civil
Status Service (Subdivision of the Moldovan Department of Information
Lucia Ciobanu (General Director)
Alexandra Bacioi (Deputy Director)
Svetlana Burea (Head of Department)
Ana Postica (Head of Directorate of Civil Status Registry)
Svetlana Glusacenco (Head of Department of updating the archival fund)

Stefan Gajos (Head of Directorate of civil status information systems)

But unfortunately, any of these persons have ever sent a single poor
answer to me; and so, I am just as at the beginning of all this stuff,
and I haven't any more idea on how to continue.
I have forgotten: In the meanwhile of all this task, I have unfruitfully

sent u$s 100 - one hundred dollars - to a romanian genealogical
researcher (Alla Chastina), but she never gave me any satisfactory
answer (OK, she mailed me a few scattered data - not documents - of some

unknown persons with the same surname, but nothing really useful to me).

I will be very grateful if any of you could give me some help
Best regards

Searching about BALBACHAN family
Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina

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