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Dear Rom-Siggers:

I have been researching my family history & genealogy for almost 25 years.
Some time ago I found the Shtetl-Village-Town of my great grandfather
on the New York Passenger Lists, 1820 - 1927. The names of the
Shtetl-Village-Town in Romania on the Passenger Lists is Hunbany, Romania.
I have been studying and looking at maps in the Toledo Public Library
Local History & Genealogy Department of Roumania - Romania trying to
find Hunbany, Romania on them without success. Has any Rom-Sig members
ever heard of Hunbany??? Do any Rom-Sigger's have any Mishpauchah in this
Shtetl-Village-Town??? Is there any Rom-Sig members with an old map of
Romania-Roumania that might have Hunbany on it???
I thank you for any information.
Albert Brookenthal
Toledo, Ohio - USA
E-mail: albert@...

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