Re: Meaning of Use of: z odznacz #galicia

Grzegorz Kowalski <gregg@...>

"Z odznaczeniem" means "with distinction."

I suppose these students received a commendation for their


Grzegorz Gembala
Krakow, Poland

Alan Weiser wrote:

In my review of Kolomea school records I found a listing of
students who took a Graduation Exam. For several of the students
in the list the terms z odznacz appeared after their name; for
example as:

Dylinski, Ludwik z odznacz (note this is two terms "z" and "odznacz")

from Poltran web site I got the meaning of z odznacz as "It
Characterize with (from)". Can someone please explain to me what
this means or how the terms are being used in the listing?

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