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Dear friends,

NEW: It took us more than ten months since our last publication of an address
directory, but now the Czernowitz Directory for the Year 1936 (Courtesy of the
Czernowitz Regional Archives) has been released on

More than 33,000 "new" adresses are available for download!

We have done our utmost to deliver an accurate piece of work, but please
consider that the Romanization of Bukovina, which took place during the
interwar period of the 20th century, had a very negative impact on the accuracy
of the directory. An incredible number of typing errors, dozens of variants for
the same name, occupation or street and the generally low editorial quality made
it quite hard to obtain a reliable result. However it's a valuable data source,
as it is - as far as is known - the very last directory edition for Czernowitz
before WW2.

In order to make the listing useful and searchable, please read the following

Surnames: The diversity of spelling for the names may cause difficulties, for
example "Schwarzmann" could be listed as "Schwarzman" or "Svartman" or any other
variation. Romanian diacritics have not been used, so please keep looking for
different spellings.

Given names: The same problem applies to the given names, for example "Schloime"
became "Sloime", "Elias" became "Ilie", "Mechel" became "Mihai", etc. Again,
Romanian diacritics have not been used, so please keep looking for different

Occupations: JewishGen generously released the listing "Romanian Occupation
Definitions - English Translations", which we have made available for download.
JewishGen notes "Some of these [occupation definitions] are archaic or obscure
terms, no longer current. Romanian diacritics have not been used. Please note
that the Romanian terms have been entered exactly as the clerks wrote them in
[1936]. They are therefore subject to any mis-spellings, etc., that they might
have used at that time?".

Streets: This column differentiates between (ro./en./ger.)
cale = avenue = Chaussee, drum = way = Weg, fundatura = dead end street = Sackgasse,
piata = place = Platz, poteca = pathway = Pfad, strada = street = Straße [Gasse].

Addresses: In order to make the listing searchable, we have brought consistency
to the street names by using the Czernowitz Street Index, generously provided by
Othmar Andrée ( For facilitating the attribution of
the street names, we have added - if procurable - the index no., which enables you
to assign the street denominations used in the Austrian, Romanian and - in part -
Russian periods by using the index, which is now available for download on our
page too.

We do hope these listings will prove to be useful for your genealogical and
historical research. We would be pleased to receive your comments, suggestions
and questions!

Best wishes!

Edgar Hauster, Lent/Netherlands

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