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Beth Long

I would like to respond to this on-list, as it may be of interest to others as

1. To my knowledge, there is no central registry of passports (at least of that
time period) in Romania.

2. Since Sergio knows the place (Pitesti), I would recommend hiring a resaercher
to go to the Arges County branch of the Romanian National Archives to look at the
birth/death/marriage records which should be found there. As well as the Jewish
religious records, there should be civil records starting >from 1860 (if I remember

3. It is probably worth a try to go to your Romanian embassy, give them what
information you have, and see if they can assist. I have not tried this route
personally, but others have told me that they have gotten information this way.

4. You could always try writing directly to the archive branch and see if there
is someone on staff who does research. I doubt it, but you never know. The web
page for Arges is:

5. Most of my own research in Romania has involved areas which were formerly in
Hungary. Here, Jews almost always had surnames. However, I found that in
Botosani, for instance, most Jews used patronymics (i.e. Strul Strulovici),
making the research a nightmare for me at least :)I don't know how it would be
in Pitesti, but if that is the case, I'm not sure a staff member would be able to
figure it out even if they were willing to research for you.

6. Bear in mind that Romania has a 100-year privacy policy: information must be
100 years old to be viewed. But it sounds like what you need fits that criteria.

Beth Long

Sergio Rosarios wrote:

I would very much appreciate any recommendations or ideas on how to contact
the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get a copy of the file
of my Romanian GGF, he was issued a Romanian passport back in 1910´s and I
would like to find out which information they have on file (eg. birth
records, etc.)
Should I hire a lawyer in Bucharest? any ideas?
Please respond to me privately.
Thank you so much

Sergio G. Rosarios
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Researching: ROSENBERG and SPITZER >from Pitesti, Romania

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