Romania SIG #Romania Where are the list of persons arriving in the USA between 1917 - 1920? #romania

Harriet Weidenbaum

I feel I've searched every port I know of including Canadian ports
and have yet to locate my great grandfather Israel Leventhal's entry
to the USA >from Moldova (Russia) between 1917 - 1920.

I've also searched the census reports and have not located someone
in that age bracket.

I have yet to locate his departure for Palestine, I assume within
the year he arrived. We know that he died in Palestine on 3/3/1930.

I am guessing that he was born between 1840 and 1850 as the first of
his children that I know of was born about 1871 and the last that I
know of 3/28/1892.

If in searching you come upon any info regarding an Israel Leventhal
(Lowenthal or Laventhal) born about that time and entering or
departing the USA as per my notations I would appreciate hearing from


Harriet Weidenbaum
Huntington, NY USA
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